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“Service Above Self”

Rotary is a service organization of business and community leaders united worldwide.  Rotarians are making a positive impact in our local and global communities.

The Rotary Club of San Jose

Benefiting the community and our world through action, integrity, service, and fellowship.

The Rotary Club of San Jose is the largest, most active and well-known service organization in the community. We are a leadership organization working together to make a difference. Our members include local business, nonprofit, professional and civic leaders. We form lasting friendships through our shared Rotary experiences including weekly meetings with interesting speakers, committee meetings and projects, social events and group service projects within our community and internationally.

Diversity & Inclusion

Having a diverse and inclusive Rotary Club means we value and welcome individuals of all ages, cultures, ethnicities, and races to our Club. We invite younger people, women, and minorities who support Rotary’s values, ideals, and mission to join our members in service to our community, and we strive to give all members equal opportunities to serve as leaders within our Club.

Dan SchnurDelve into the fascinating realm of political commentary and consulting with our speaker, Dan Schnur. With a wealth of experience and a keen eye for analysis, Schnur offers insights into the ever-evolving landscape of politics.

Dan Schnur offers even-handed analysis and helps make sense of politics at the state, national and international level. Dan gives the perspective and context you need to come to your own informed conclusions. Join us as he shares his expertise, providing valuable perspectives on navigating the complexities of today's political environment.

The Party Helpers will provide lunch ($25) at Wednesday's meeting. The buffet lunch menu includes: Spring Green Salad, Chopped Asian Salad, Grilled Pork Tenderloin, Vegetable and Tofu Stir Fry, and Mashed Red Potatoes.

Please order by Monday, May 20th at 12 noon.  Plan ahead and order early!

Important note: If you have a 10-pack, you still need to register, so we have enough food.

Click here to place your lunch order. 

For fireside signups, please send email to

Date change for Bonnie Bamburg Fireside: From May 30 to June 6.

May 21, Tuesday, 6:00pm – 8:00pm: Fun with Friends at the Farm, (Rancho Rescue Roben). Bring a drink to share and hang out with friends at the ranch. (Off of Mt. Hamilton Rd)

May 23, Thursday, 6:00pm- 8:00pm: Italian Wine Tasting and hearty bites with Martha Wapenski.  10 guests. 2441 W Hedding Street, San Jose

May 28, Tuesday, 6:00pm – 7:30pm: Capital Club Social with Nicole Lecheler: Join us on the 17th floor at the Capital Club for appetizers, beer and wine with Director of Membership, Nicole Lecheler.  Enjoy the warmth, ambiance and the view from the 17th floor terrace.  

June 6, Thursday, 6:00pm – 8:00pm: Evening at the clubhouse with Bonnie Bamburg: (Near Alum Rock Rd and Mt Hamilton Rd)

Join us for a day hiking and picnicking at the beautiful UVAS Canyon Park in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Date: May 25th, 2024
Time: 11:00 am

Location: UVAS Canyon Park
Carpool will meet at 10:30 am at Calero Resevoir Parking.
A day pass is needed for parking if not carpooling.

RSVP to Ashley Hopkins-Pass
Dress for hiking.  Bring a picnic lunch or snack.

Volunteer to make history!
Interested in helping us add a huge pop of color to San Pedro Square? Grab a brush and join Local Color, the San Jose Downtown Association, and artist Jimmy Paints to help us install an asphalt mural along San Pedro Street. Become a part of history in the making! Join us as we unite to craft something extraordinary for our community. We can't wait to see you there!
Everyone Welcome! No experience necessary.

Our Paint Date: May 30 from 5 P.M. - 7 P.M.

RSVP to Kathy Colin.

Join Us For A Wonderful Evening of Friendship & Fun at the “George Family Rotary BBQ”
  • Wed, June 5th, 2024
  • 5:00pm-8:00pm
  • San Jose History Park
  • $70 per person
Festivities will begin at 5:00pm with a Hospitality Bar and Appetizers, including BBQ ribs, shrimp, sausage, deviled eggs, an oyster bar, gourmet cheeses and wine from Joseph George Wines.  A delectable dinner of New York strip steak, chicken, grilled veggies, and traditional sides will be served at 6:30p.m. followed by dessert.

The food will be expertly prepared by the Executive Chefs and the Red Badge Committee will make sure your every need is taken care of!

Register Today!

*If you can't remember your Member Login, then use Guest Registration instead.

Fun & Friendship Hosts: SV Shakespeare opening night of “All’s Well that Ends Well”

At 6:15pm, a special reception for the Rotary to acknowledge a Rotary grant that purchased wireless mics for SV Shakespeare. 
The SV Shakespeare staff would love to welcome Rotary with a short behind-the-scenes talk and Q&A session.
Find out more at

When: June 7, 2024 at 7:00pm
Where: Bramhall Park on Willow St.

This event is FREE to attend. RSVP not required, but appreciated, so we know how many to expect: email  


Rotarians and guests were welcomed in the lobby by the Executive Chefs Committee, as well as sign-ups for Firesides and this weekend’s Rise Against Hunger meal-packaging event – and wine, courtesy of Bert George.

President Karen Philbrick rang the bell to open the 5,473rd meeting and wished a happy birthday to Abe Wolcott, who is on a leave of absence while he teaches in New York. After we joined Sarah Clish in singing “America the Beautiful,” Red Badgers Kelly Dippel and Teri Tran handled the traveling microphones to introduce visiting Rotarians and guests.

Sal Pizarro was up next with a look at what’s going on downtown over the next few weeks. The highlights included a block party in San Jose’s Historic District on May 16, the opening of “Clyde’s” at City Lights Theater Company on May 16, the Latinx Art Now auction at MACLA on May 18 and a 40th anniversary celebration at 3Below Theaters on May 18 with 1984 movies like “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” and “Purple Rain,” with 1984 ticket prices of $3.50 to go with it.

Sandra Jewett shared some fun slides of the Blind Wine Tasting held at Joseph George Fine Wines. There were a lot of happy faces and Sandra thanked the Culinary and Hospitality Committee. Bert George said it was a fun, fun night and “praised” the poetry from Marianne and Carl Salas, on a team with Larry and Carmen Stone – after two hours of wine! President Karen, who was on Terri’s winning team, revealed that some beautiful poetry by Dick Conniff and Dave Peterson was actually written by ChatGPT!

Next, Todd Trekell provided a recap of Rotary Fish Day at Ed Levin Park, where scores of Rotary volunteers helped about 80-90 third-graders fish. And the best news – besides the tasty tri-tip and hot dogs grilled by the Executive Chefs – was that more than one fish was caught this year. The total was either four or five, including three trout caught by one girl from Evergreen. Todd thanked the Rotary Fish Committee and all the other committees that helped out. Todd also reminded the club that the George Family Rotary Spring BBQ is taking place June 5 at History Park. Don’t forget to sign up!

President Karen’s time included an update, 3 reminders and an opportunity: She and her daughter, Charlie, surprised Karen’s mom in Ukiah on Mother’s Day; she reminded everyone about the Mezcal Happy Hour, the meal-packaging at Blach Construction on Sunday and the Firesides over the next couple of weeks; the opportunity was a chance to play “real golf” with monthly outings for the rest of 2024. Check in with Nicholas Adams if you’re interested.

Bert George was our speaker, talking about the finances of wine, something he says he rarely does “for a good reason.” He brought up Jaime Chavez, who works for First Citizens Bank (which has kept Silicon Valley Bank’s investments in wineries), to talk about its $4 billion in lending to wineries. He said 2020 was a double whammy for the Napa wine industry because of the pandemic and serious fires that caused vineyards to essentially dump a harvest and had a five-year hangover.

Bert said most wineries don’t make money and the ones that do make money for their investors usually only can once they’re sold. For the first time ever, Bert said, spirits are overtaking wine in popularity and that could be serious trouble for the wine industry as younger people are preferring cocktails over wine. Bert said helping nonprofits and hosting charity events at the wine shop are “why I’m here” because it’s how the business gives back to the community. 

Bert closed by talking about some issues with Costco as a discount retailer, noting that high-end labels need to make sure the prices of their wines at the Big Box stores aren’t undercutting not only their smaller retailers but their own wine clubs. 

Summary submitted by Sal Pizarro, Rotary Meeting Summaries Committee
Photos taken by Kathleen Thomas.
To view a video for the full meeting, click here.
To view all photos taken, click here.

Hi there! I have been weaving my expertise into the fabric of King Wealth Planning, Inc. as a Financial Advisor for the last decade, where I thrive on helping individuals and families secure financial futures. I also have roots deeply planted in the world of Human Resources where I worked in several different industries and achieved a SHRM Senior Certified Professional credential. I have a BS in International Business and a Masters in Ethical Leadership. I am big on ethics and work hard to uphold my core values both in my personal life and career life. It’s not always easy but it matters to me.

Fun fact, I worked for the department of defense in the early 90s and we worked on the GPS satellite.

When I’m not strategizing financial plans, you can find me actively involved in my community. Whether I’m coaching local sports teams, teaching summer classes, heading up donation drives, or organizing food distributions, I’m always looking to give back. I also coordinate grief support and recovery programs, bringing people together to heal and celebrate life’s journey.

I recently founded a local group: Sterling Women’s Network, where our focus is to connect, equip and empower women. When women come together, great things happen!

In addition to the San Jose Rotary, I am involved in the Campbell Chamber of Commerce and Cancer CarePoint, which is a local nonprofit that provides free resources for cancer patients, their families, and caregivers. I am also a big fan of the Alzheimer’s Association and have been active in their events, walks and community education.

Outside of work and community service, I’m a bit of an adventure seeker and knowledge enthusiast. From hitting the trails for a hike, running to clear my mind, or dancing the night away, I believe in staying active and enjoying every moment. Reading and continuous learning are also passions of mine, feeding my endless curiosity about the world. I also love food.

Let's connect and share stories and insights—whether it's about finance, life's many adventures, or anything in between!

Shiloh Ballard is a 49 year resident of San Jose. After earning a degree in environmental studies at UC Santa Cruz (Go Slugs!), she worked for 15 years at the Silicon Valley Leadership Group overseeing their transportation, land use and housing policy work. She then moved on to her dream job of running the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition where she grew the organization to 15 full time employees all dedicated to improving the economy and community through the everyday use of the bicycle. If you see green paint and bollards, this is the work of the bike coalition to make the roads safe for bicyclists, and all roadway users.  Shiloh is a co-founder of SV@Home, chairs the Santa Clara County League of Conservation Voters, and is a part of the American Leadership Forum’s Insights, a forum for bringing people together for greater impact. She likes to garden, cook, read, and mountain bike. Mostly though, she loves being a part of groups of people who work together to accomplish good work.  Shiloh left the Bike Coalition in August of 2023, dabbled in retirement for five months, and now supports organizations around climate and environmental issues.


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